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St Mary’s College, Durham

Completed May 2013

We were delighted to be appointed to carry out the installation of Addastone Resin Bonded Surfacing using a 2-5mm Rhine Gold over 2600m² to the car park and access road area at St Mary’s College, Durham University.

Prior to installing the Addastone, the existing car park had to be regulated with resin and kiln dried sand and flooded with water to identify and eradicate areas of pooling.  Higher areas of the tarmac had to be scabbled to provide a level surface to receive the new resin bonded system.

Additional challenges included the poor weather which delayed the start date, working around the existing old sandstone sets in the car park and the need to keep noise to a minimum whilst exams were taking place which meant the generator had be set up 50m away from the application area. The end of term deadline was achieved, even if it did mean working a 20 hour final day to complete the project.

The end result is an attractive, hard wearing, low maintenance surface.